Get Ready For an Intense Workout!

BonStar Fitness is a full-service training company that offers creative, trainer-designed high intensity interval workouts that are always different and never boring. Our participants (we call them BonStars) can be seen running, jumping, climbing and crawling around Central Park in Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge Park in Brooklyn, well on their way to a fitter body and keener mind. Classes are designed to take each Bonstar beyond their known abilities, and to encourage a lifestyle of health and accomplishment that they never thought possible.

Forget your limits. Be a BonStar!!!

In addition to Bootcamp Classes, Small group training is available with the 4-Week Bod Transformer program. Incorporating weight training and High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) drills, the program goes twice a week for four weeks and is headed by Bonnie Marsh, a national and multi-certified trainer.

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