Spartan Group X (SGX) is a 6-week, 3 phase, unique group exercise program taught by Bonnie Marsh, a nationally certified SGX Coach. SGX is designed to create an exhilarating and badass community driven group atmosphere of fitness, nutrition, and performance that optimizes individual performance in Spartan Races and other obstacle/mud run races (Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, Urbanatholons, etc.) as well as in daily life.

SGX utilizes a unique, independently developed strategy of periodization in 3 phases that allows specific aspects of training, fitness, and nutrition to be targeted at various times. Classes will meet 2x/week and include 2 at home workouts per week. SGX is about changing the mind and body from the inside out. SGX prepares people for life! It is not about curling, running or biking -- it is about pushing, pulling, jumping, stretching, breathing and sweating. You’ll know at the finish line!

Week program. 3 Phases. 2 Weeks in each phase.

Classes meet 2x/week with 2 take home workout assignments per week.

Cost: $299

Classes scheduled on demand basis.
Please contact me to set up your
Spartan X training schedule.